About Me

Hi! My name’s Marie, and I’m a junior at Georgetown University. This past fall, I lived abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark with DIS – Study Abroad Scandinavia. I studied Cultural Diversity and Integration as my core course, and took four other electives as well. Back home, I major in United States history and am interested in marketing and the creative industries. Welcome to my blog, where I document my adventures, with all the ups and downs that come along with them!

More about me!

Random things:

  • I’m from New York and grew up near the ocean. I absolutely love the beach and everything about it (including the sand)
  • I have a passion for ice cream, and really just food in general, from cooking new recipes to exploring fun restaurants
  • I love paper stores and making Spotify playlists
  • I have a one year old niece who is the light of my life (see below)

Classes I took at DIS:

Anyways, thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my blog:)